The structural design of a construction is an independent study necessary for the safety of the structure. It is the “alpha and omega” (the most important) term for the safe living of people against natural disasters (such as earthquake). Especially in seismic areas, like Greece, the anti-seismic shielding of structures is achieved by the implementation of static studies according to the strict national regulations.

Our office is equipped with special software platforms and we have the knowledge to design a safe structure based on the security requirements of the current anti-seismic, National and European regulations (Eurocode 8, Intervention Regulation 2012, Greek Anti-seismic Regulation)at the lowest possible cost.

Except of the new buildings, our office can study the static equilibrium of existing buildings. It is necessary to determine the type and degree of strengthening in order to repair the structural damage or/and make an anti-seismic building upgrade when needed.